Godard mused that filmmaking is a beautiful fraud for the media used to capture a moment is limited by its very structure. It's only an approximation of reality. But somehow we look into the grain, past the pixel, and come out with something greater. So somewhere inbetween the blurry line of live music, music video, and documentary, Ingrained exists.

Always looking for bands, events, and cool going-ons to capture. Interested in working together? Contact me at

So this isn’t a Ingrained video per se but I set it up for my girlfriend. She came and shot her first video with me and then I turned the camera on her. You’ll see what I mean around the 2mn mark. She doesn’t trust me with a camera anymore. Thanks to Love Drunk and the band, Blue Bird.

New music video from Mitch Gettman directed and edited by yours truly. Check it out here:

If you’re like me, you might have heard of Mitch before. At 15, Mitch started posting videos on his youtube account of acoustic versions of some of his influences like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and U2. With view counts in the hundreds of thousands, he found an audience online. His reception helped to form a band here in town and he has been playing for almost two years now. With only the acoustic songs I had seen online, I was blown away with the mature and rocking sound of his new album. Gettman has written a solid album of mad bittersweet characters yearning after love, life, and happiness. In working on this video, we mused on the album title, a Jack Kerouac quote. We wanted to project what one does when errant love runs off. We both agreed that fireworks were a centerpiece image, exploring wonder and danger, energy and contemplation. Take a moment and let the sweet release of this video set in while fireworks make your heart grow fonder.